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Updated: 1/2/21

The Cyantian Chronicles began with Satin and Silk in August of 1998. Back then, strips were created on the fly with virtually NO SCRIPT. I don’t even know what day it started on. Dates are not something that are important to me. 😀 Satin and Silk eventually became Campus Safari and many other comics, all located on this site! They are also now scripted chapters and chapters in advance.

Now, for the most important question I’m asked: Reading Order
You can read the comics in any order. The same characters often show up in various different story lines. Below is the ‘chronological list’.  If you MUST have an order, this is it.

Untitled Beginning Story – IN the Scripting Phase for years now. 😀  Eventually it will be illustrated and printed.
Danie – Danie is a written story.  There are a few pages online and it is being prepared for printing. I  have indeed, dug this up and it’s going to be rewritten.
siteb-gsGenoworks Saga – Where all the random species that are not set in the universe came from.  It follows the various groups of Genoworks projects in the events that followed after they escaped from Genoworks.  While it starts out with characters you are familiar with, the next book of this series follows a COMPLETELY different group of characters, with only one being familiar at first – Marion the Sirac.  Book 2
Gralen Cragg Hall – The Fall of the Fox empire, from beginning of the fall to the end as seen from the inside and out.  Currently not updating, simply because I don’t have time.  This story follows the adopted fox princesses, Silver and Tira.  Silver’s the outcast silver daughter of golden fox guards, an honorable profession, but the color of her fur marked her for death the moment anyone saw her.  Her mother goes to great lengths to protect her, in the only way she can, giving her up.  Tira is royalty.  She’s betrothed to the current ruler of Vixinte’s son, Kiet.  Like many caught up in the fall, running your family to safety is priority while there’s a way out over standing and fighting.
pawPawprints – These are not quite like the other comics. These are meant for kids and those young of heart. Just cute short stories and single page updates in full color featuring a variety of the characters at younger ages.  This is a PG-G rated comic.  It wants to make you smile. They are part of the Random Ramblings archive for now.
Akaelae – This features the main cast of The Cyantian Chronicles as teenagers, on the verge of learning fully who they are in the face of a world of growing dangers. This is a completed story for now.  More chapters will be added as they are written and they are being written.
Darius – Darius Akaelae, one of the primary members of the Cyantian Chronicles has a slightly different fate awaiting him than his family and friends realize, one that will eventually take him light years away from home.  This is a completed story for now.  More chapters will be added, delving into a storyline I’ve been working on since I was a teenager.
siteb-csOriginal Campus Safari – The first comic, covering an accidental transference from Cyantia to Earth and the establishment of an academy of learning on a terraformed Mars. This is a completed story.  It’s also VERY OLD and the art shows it!
Campus Safari 2.0 – Campus Safari returns, taking it from the beginning as though it were done for the first time.  Yes, it does replace some things, but I really don’t want to ‘change’ most things and confuse people.  I’m leaving the original up so you can compare.  There will be more ADDED than changed.  I’m very happy with how it’s going so far!
No Angel – The humans on Mars Academy – kind of stalled due to the reboot of Campus Safari, but nothing in it has really changed.
Cesilee’s Diary – This was a temporary comic that got very popular and was never intended to be ongoing – but it is available in print from Radio Comix in Furlough.  So far, one chapter has been posted in issue #192, which isn’t available at the time of this edit.
Sink or Swim – The Kangaroos of the Cyantian Chronicles.

Cookie War – Takes place in the Akaelae Time Frame. Currently in the Random Ramblings section.

Random Ramblings – These stories take place across the whole timeline.  There is no order.  Where they fall depends on the age of the characters featured in it.  Also a little note, you’ll notice that the first few stories repeat themselves.  This is because I didn’t want to delete the original comments when I was forced to go back and make corrections to how I did the comics original layouts.  I converted them from strips to full pages.  Later stories do not have this problem.


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8 thoughts on “About/Reading Order

  1. Hmm, I had never tripped across this particular page until now.

    It does help me be less confused. OTOH Random Ramblings is newer than this post. Also, has Darius restarted/continued?

  2. Where can I read Danie, I’ve searched everywhere but the trails gone cold.

    1. Danie is not currently available online. 🙂

    2. I do intend to turn it into a book with actual updates at some point. (I keep forgetting I ever wrote it.)

  3. Did you used to do a comic that was a bit dystopian about a world where people had to test or show some kind of special ability or they would be removed from Society?

    I seem to recall some such story, but the name eludes me, but I think the art style was yours..

    1. Yeah, it’s called PURE and it’s being rewritten and redrawn because it’s short and the first pages were so awful and unfit for print. 😀 shivae.net/pure

  4. completely forgot about you until today, used to read some of your works growing up, but like then, and still now. Got extremely confused when it was seemingly an immeasurable amount of comics updating one after the other.
    This about page would’ve helped me had I known/noticed about it then XD

    1. I’m very likely to fix that soon… it’s just a lot of work to maintain the fix. 🙁

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