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I have begun updating my latest rough draft, Below, which follows a rabbit in Cyantia faced with a mystery involving his Fox friend, in which she is being blamed for accidents in their place of work, one of the massive spires that holds up a town. You can read it via my primary comic patreon or my writing patreon for as little as a dollar and it goes toward supporting my work. I and my family greatly appreciate the support. – Tiff

3 thoughts on “Campus Safari 20-05

  1. Oh that girl is cute!

  2. Interesting pose and expression for Jenny too. Resting, pouting, or just staying out of the way? 🙂

  3. Cannonfodder10503

    What happened to the website?

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Thanks to the helpful Toocheke people, the comments are back where we like them. I did spend hours trying to figure out how to fix it without any luck, since that’s beyond my knowledge. :/ I even went through a detailed ‘how to create a child theme’ page to refresh myself, since it’s been years since I messed with a child theme and they are so daunting.

It’s very hard to go from writing and art to stylesheets, and I do not make that adjustment well at all, but whew… this was all I needed. Finishing up the looks again, but overall, I’m pleased. It will take me awhile to get the archives where you can view them properly and I’m only going to do the currently updating ones.

Bear with me.

I feel like everything runs so much smoother and there are less ‘issues’ where comics wouldn’t navigate correctly. Overall. I’m pleased and I will be working up the Patreon site when I finish the other sites. You’ll be able to access everything I put up on Patreon via a private site soon.

  • Tiff