4 thoughts on “Vincent and Filaire 3

  1. That’s one fine-lookin’ wo- uuh.. vixen there! 🙂

    1. That’s kind of funny as it reminded of a scene from the Gate Of Gods light novel. The MC had just defeated a female demon beast in her human form (as beasts that cultivate a high enough level can assume a human form) and as he loves to troll his enemies starts to call her a woman then stops himself and states that that’s not accurate and he should properly call her a female animal instead. Of course she’s furious about it but can’t say anything about it.

      1. “Now that’s funny; I don’t care who ya are!” 🙂

        1. It gets funnier later on as the leader of the demon beasts is a white-furred nine-tailed demon fox who never appears in her beast form, apparently abhoring looking anything but human. The MC trolls her so bad that despite her being a coldly logical and icy demon fox she starts shifting into her transitional form as she can’t remain in control of herself because of his provocation.

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Thanks to the helpful Toocheke people, the comments are back where we like them. I did spend hours trying to figure out how to fix it without any luck, since that’s beyond my knowledge. :/ I even went through a detailed ‘how to create a child theme’ page to refresh myself, since it’s been years since I messed with a child theme and they are so daunting.

It’s very hard to go from writing and art to stylesheets, and I do not make that adjustment well at all, but whew… this was all I needed. Finishing up the looks again, but overall, I’m pleased. It will take me awhile to get the archives where you can view them properly and I’m only going to do the currently updating ones.

Bear with me.

I feel like everything runs so much smoother and there are less ‘issues’ where comics wouldn’t navigate correctly. Overall. I’m pleased and I will be working up the Patreon site when I finish the other sites. You’ll be able to access everything I put up on Patreon via a private site soon.

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