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  1. Easier s…

    No. It’s too obvious. Syrys looks like he just got hit by a brick. Figuratively, of course.

  2. *Sigh* There is not an angle that I do not find Mercial attractive at, even when she is gloomy or serious.

  3. Seconded. I think its the fur color…tastefully accented with green fur dye she’d be even more striking.

  4. AGREED she is one pretty vixen. 🙂
    But it is a serious subject. I certainly hope that they can get Darrik his training before something dire happens. 🙁

  5. The real questions here are, will Darrik accept her olive branch? Or will decide to burn the candle at both ends and hope he isn’t burned when it’s over?

  6. Hee hee, Syrys’s face. Looks like a sorta “deer in the headlights” kinda expression.

  7. I would say here perhaps utter, cold, painful truth might be what gains Darrik’s trust in this case. Admittedly, it’s a highly unpleasant truth, but nothing motivates one to listen up than something that is a threat to ones’ life and family. ESPECIALLY when that threat comes from within and not from without, or where the allies are seen as the lesser of two evils. It’s not perfect, but goodness knows it’s a motivator.

  8. … provided Darrik BELIEVES what Mercial is telling him…
    The “you’re a nuke waiting to go off” kind of news isn’t exactly the thing that gets the average protagonist in any given story to immediatly do what’s sensible, is it?

  9. After the stunt with the horse getting Darrik’s full trust will be one helluva task.. even if Syris helps.
    Darius might help.. maybe they should get him there to assist

  10. Well its a bad way to learn what happens but at least you now know.

    At the very least, Darrik should be cautious about this news but still be open to listening to the explanation.

  11. The key to breaking this gently is to show Darrik what he can do and get him to do it proper, letting him find out just how much power he has without being upfront about it. We want him to use Force Lightning, not become Force Lightning!

  12. @Darakhoranon: No, but this isn’t being told you’re a nuke, this is essentially being told “Look, if you don’t trust in this, what you’ve got in you is gonna kill you, and it might just kill your family, too, if we can’t help. Let us please help you. All we want to do is save your life.” That, coupled with how well he’s been treated, living essentially like a prince, should at least convince him “Hey, these guys, they’re really not out to hurt me or mine. Scary, yeah, but not gonna get hurt.”
    Old phrase from the Darkover series from Marion Zimmer Bradley: “An uncontrolled psychic is a danger to themselves and to others.” Obviously true in this case in ways an AWFUL lot more dramatic.

    @Stray: Agreed. Not the nice way of learning, but it tends to get through the stubborn or worry real fast when your new friends are trying to save your life… Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment.

    @Victor Voracious: Well, from the sound of it this is more getting him the basic training, as opposed to such as teaching him to be more. Yeah, moderation will be needed, but first prevent him from blowing his own head off (possibly literally in a messy messy wet “Splom!”).

  13. Mercial isn’t going to start calling him padawan now is she?

  14. KHGV Defenestration

    Ok, so there go the “Earth is different” theories, which is a shame, because it would have been nice to see the mechanics of the universe better defined, but we take what we’re given, and it seems Darrik’s parents were just trying to do what was best, which makes sense, as they are trying to keep a low profile – an impulsive teenage Black Fox showing off for his hunam friends isn’t exactly the best way to keep off the MIB’s radar, and expressing their powers in general a potential RP liability with the local hunam community they depend on to maintain their cover.

    Tho the loss of such critical knowledge adds credibility to my opinion that the Cyantians genetics science has suffered similar losses, or gaps never filled in as they exploited the tech of those who came befor, to explain the aparent lack of fundimentals and ability to fully exploit what, on the surface, apear to be pretty phenominal bioengineering capabilities.

    (also, I’ve replied to the conversation on the last page)

  15. The past two comics prove to me that there needs to be more surprised Syrys faces.

  16. There definitely needs to be more pictures of Syrys with that surprised look on his face.

  17. Darak: I know what you mean, I know I was a bit skeptical. And Mika, I see what you mean, but isn’t Mercial still a stranger? More so than Syrys?

    I also like Syrys’ expression, but I seem to be more drawn to how fluffy Mercial’s tail looks in that first panel. :3 Fluffyyyyy~♪

  18. @Omniscia: Yes, and I should have been clearer in my explanation: the news of the reasons should logically be delivered by Syrys, with Mercial standing ready to offer assistance after Syrys, acting as he seems to be acting as the “good uncle”, essentially, explains.

    On the side note of Mercial and her looks, I have to agree: she is VERY pretty, with quite the slender form, and if she could lose the shrunken pinpoint eye look I think she would be one of the VERY few slender vixens I find particularly gorgeous. Someone should 3D animate her, as she deserved grace when she walks. Something just FEELS like she would have such.


  19. Hmm I wonder when the event with the foxes dying without the training happened. It sounds like it could have been fairly recent. Depending on how recent it might explain why they didn’t train Darrik. If it was after they fled to Earth than it makes sense that they didn’t know. I understand that Darrik was born on Cyantia. So perhaps what happened was they heard about not training cubs with hopes that abilities wouldn’t be expressed and left for Earth before they found out the result… It all depends on when that event happened.

  20. Alpha could deliver the news. He IS the one that everybody calls “Grandfather”.

  21. It is going to be hard to break the news. You can’t just say

    *Darrik if you don’t train, you will die.*

    I think it is going to be a close call…it all depends upon what happens.

  22. What is going to help is that Darrik has alreadn gotten a taste of what he can do and it scared the #&%! out of him. I believe he is intelligent enough to accept the training in order not to go off like a roman candle again.

    I find myself imagining how Jasmine would try and use Darrik if she was aware of his powers. With her innate hatred and distrust for non-fox kind, it would not be pretty if she were able to overcome his initial disapproval of her beliefs and get her hooks into his psyche.

  23. It appears that black fox have developed a sub-culture of their own, and haven’t shared their secrets – understandable, really. From Mercial’s reactions, I think the deaths must certainly have happened within her memory, perhaps even to someone she knew.

    …What type fox were Derrick’s parents?

    (Oh, KHGV, the Cyantians seem nowhere near the knowledge level of the ancients in genetic engineering – the most advanced knowledge demonstrated has been the Craih, in the specialized area of creating land-walkers, and Exotica Genoworks, who create by modification of one base species rather than the unrestrained combination the ancients could do with earth creature’s DNA.)

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