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Page 10 1. Chatin dreaming, in a field, petting cyotts. 2. Darkness creeping 3. Darkness creeping more. 4. Darkness enveloping one Cyott as Chatin pulls the other away. 5. It changes 6. It turns on Chatin, lunging at her. 7. Chatin murmuring in sleep, go away… 8. Scavie on her foot as she kicks …

12 thoughts on “12/04/2008 (12 Comments) (12 Comments)

  1. […]
    Dreams of war, dreams of liars
    Dreams of dragon’s fire
    And of things that will bite

    Sleep with one eye open
    Gripping your pillow tight

    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never-never land

    Hush little baby, don’t say a word
    And never mind that noise you heard
    It’s just the beasts under your bed
    In your closet, in your head

  2. The prolem is when you wake up inside the nightmare 😐

  3. Very good comments, guys.
    Nice artwork, Tiff.

  4. You do nightmares Very well.

  5. I am wondering why not more of them are not suffering from shell shock?

  6. Because they don’t realize how bad it is right now. Cilke is obviously deeply affected by her time at genoworks during Campus Safari. Chatin is seemingly left with self confidence and a few other issues after leaving genoworks. They actually lack any perspective beyond “things got worse recently” at this point in time.

    I wonder who took the Cyotts from Chatin and the others back then.

  7. I think that the responsibility for the knowledge cause nightmares. When you are the only one told “not to tell the rest” you get an implicit responsibility in how the information is going to affect your friends.

  8. And of course… what a really cute “kind of bunnies with long tails”!! 😀 HUGGGGG!!!

  9. ooh, very creepy. Good job with the groping darkness.

  10. Hmm, well, that’s a dream I wouldn’t want to have =( Very, very good artwork Tiff, love the dream.

  11. Hold up this is ringing a bell here, someone gets bitten by one of those soon.

    If you don’t remember to bad I don’t spoil. That much.

  12. @hariman:
    Probably good old Ceigan. He seems to be the “bad guy” at EG – until the military shows up, that is…

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