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  1. Me thinks they have been out of it for a while.

  2. Servant speak? Proficiency? That wouldn’t be one of those Squid, would it?

  3. Waaiiittt…. SERVANT speak? This implies that either this alien is associated with, or possibly IS, one of the Ramuah, the very aliens who MADE the Cyantian immigrants. Either that, or is deeply familiar with Cyantian history and the fact that the Cyantians were made by the Ramuah. I have to wonder how well that information is known at the interstallar/galactic end of the scale…

    1. Servant speak also reminded me of the squids.

      Though no matter who they are, it gives more idea’s of what Rama could be after here. Another war would need people to maintain weapons and build better ones. Who else other then a superior advanced culture that has familiarity to technology that has been lost to the Cyantian’s for some time?

      1. Me too, and they did walk past squid markers. But the squid didn’t see Cyantians as servants, they were for pit fighting. I guess it’s possible they wanted them to be servants, but I can’t imagine that went any better than the pit fighter thing.

  4. See also: Getting in trouble, sowing chaos, and generally goofing off from time to time.

    I love the expression on this page. Especially in the second panel.

  5. Interesting. Didn’t know the Sectoids had been kicking about that area of space.

  6. Aiee! Don’t touch the cryotubes! O_O

  7. That was a very big bolt out of the clear blue empty.

    Love the expressions in the second and third panels.

  8. Quinn is looking strangely cute there. :3 And in the comic the dialogue makes Darius and Quinn seem perfect for each other. I like how she keeps smiling all the way through it. Can’t think of one time when she ever seemed to be having negative thoughts. Although that would make a heck of a story-line for a character like her (people would go NUTS).

    1. Honestly, I think Darius is more compatible and a better match with Quinn rather than Shaena. For the moment. Eventually Darius has to grow up and then grudgingly deals with responsibility. Quinn will always be Quinn even as an adult, her personality probably stems from the unrestricted movement of a void-walker. It isn’t too hard to see a brief fling ended by their short attention span and lack of interest in such things. Adds a bit flavor with teen angst.

      1. Pardon my bad grammar, my frontal lobe ceases to function after 11:00pm. I’m sure I got my point across though.

      2. Quinn would probably drive anyone she dated insane within days.

        Didn’t she say something about it being difficult to get close to anyone in Campus Safari?

  9. This is one of the best strips I’ve seen this year. Possibly ever.
    Latter two panels made me laugh out loud for quite a while there. 🙂
    On another note, I seem to recall we have seen Squid earlier – if not, still, they probably would be, well, squiddish – so I’d vote this is a Rumuah or some affiliate of those.

    1. Hmm… anyone remembers these pendants, keychains, etc. that had ribbed glass, and depending on the angle you looked at it with displayed one or another picture?
      That’d be quite a nice use for the two panels, methinks… 😛

  10. Hahahaha these kids are great! 😀

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