As of this update, Friday updates are uploaded all the way to March 23rd!
There are only four updates left for Darius.
The day this goes up, my daughter is going in for major dental surgery. Pray that all goes well since she’s going to be sedated and have a number of teeth removed at Children’s in Dallas. She wanted to get it out of the way asap.
I’m going to try to get back to writing things to go with updates. 😀 SO I have a lot of writing to do right now.

I tried a slight modification to how I color things and it’s effective, but I’m going to return to a simpler style when I begin the Kiet story. I don’t know when that will begin, but at this moment, I am on chapter 15 with scripts. Each chapter is 15 pages long plus a cover page. 😀 When I finish Kiet’s scripting, I will begin work on the next Darius story which will pick up a bit later. I also have an Akaelae story to work on that’s still going through my mind. It’s place is AFTER Vincent and Filaire. 😀 It contains spoilers. 😀