Ok, next week there will be M-F updates. The week after that, Akaelae ends and I start updating Genoworks Saga. I am hard at work and I’m also offering commissions. Please see the main site. I am taking five at a time until advertising picks up enough.

Normally … I would continue doing what I have been doing, but after December, with the site being down, I don’t have any other choice. December ad revenue normally carries us through the tightest months of the year, Jan/Feb and March. December is normally the best month of the year for obvious reasons. I lost December. That means that right now, just to get by, I’m scrambling to earn $350 to take care of current bills plus the usual groceries and gas. (And for those wondering about my family vacation, that was a gift from our inlaws so we could enjoy Christmas with the entire family.)

I am trying very hard to get books done… but I really can’t until I get the commissions done. I have Furry Fiesta in February to prepare for as well. Hopefully it does as well as last year and helps us through March. I have books for sale and other things, check Indyplanet for books, the Shivae Store for misc and Lulu for digital offerings. All reachable here.

If you want to help me with books… really … I could use artwork or short stories. I want to have some extras.