Six days to the end of the month and $180 to go for the goal! All of that will likely go to groceries. Kim’s diet to gain weight doubles our food bill. (Mostly with food I can’t eat.) 🙁 The monthly goal is $300 + whatever rolls over from the prior month. Last month was short $140 of the goal. That’s why it fluctuated this month. (For those who were curious.) Since I set it to an absolute minimum – we’re on sandwiches right now. I coupon and responsibly shop. Kim and my husband have food – I don’t after lunch today. As a diabetic – bread is very BAD for me. I’ll get some auctions up after I finish comics work.
I’m open for single character, no bg $30 digital commissions (to go to $35 in June.) $30 inks on A4 Marker paper/9 x 12 bristol, $25 copic/watercolors art cards, $30 copic/watercolors badges/art card badge, $50 copic/watercolors on 6 x 9 canvas board. I also have stores reachable via the store button!

*Edit* I got a bunch of new commissions, so not a pressing problem now and oh look, you can watch me stream to the right!!

– Tiff