It’s that time of year again when people start asking me what me and my family want for Christmas. 🙂 Normally, I just send you to the wishlist or the medical debt page, but this year (since I’ve honestly been ignoring the medical bills that I can’t do anything about at the moment), we really just need help getting from now to February.

I’m asking for two things: Patience and grocery store gift cards. No paypal. I frequent Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, Kroger, and Sprouts. Secondary on that list is our new Market Street and Target. Third on the list is Walmart (Not fond of Walmart except for a few things).

You can send them or in some cases, buy them online and send them to:

Tiffany Ross
P.O. Box 270801
Flower Mound, TX 75027-0801

(Links and things to the above info.)

Now on to the patience.

Our medical insurance went up beyond what we can handle. The coverage now SUCKS entirely, instead of being the really good coverage we’ve had that has handled all of our routine doctor visits and such. We don’t even have a copay, we pay 20%. 🙁 And our deductible has doubled to $9,000. Before, our only concern was the big things, now our concerns are the big things and every single time we have to go to a doctor, which is NOT going to be often anymore. I’m supposed to go every three months. They’ll be lucky to get me in there every six months. I had to quit taking my insulin, because it was too expensive at $350-$450 a month. So we’re making changes.

I don’t need any help with that.

The change is, we’re moving in February to a smaller apartment with far less rent and other costs. Until then, we have to eat the above and I’m also having a LOT of dental work done, teeth removed, partials made, etc.

My glasses broke again. I’m due for an eye exam, but that’s not the expensive part. That would be the glasses, so I found a better way to get around that. I ordered contacts from Canada. 😀 Thank you, Canada. They should be here the week after next so I can SEE again. Right now, my frames are held together with E6000 and floppy and misaligned, leaving me with a bit of eye strain.

Of course, contacts also means that I won’t have any protection against computer glare, so I’ll be picking up some computer glasses.

I don’t need any help with that.

Meanwhile, I get to worry about how things are going to be done next year business wise and I burned out on Kickstarter due to the problems with the last one I ran. I’ll have another one up, when I’m ready and I’ve fixed my glasses problem and the next issue.

My laptop. I share a desktop with my husband and my daughter, which effectively means, I can only reliably be ON the desktop while my husband is at work. Weekends and holidays, like today, are far more difficult to get to it. I use the Yiynova attached to my desktop primarily for work my laptop wasn’t that great with to begin with, intense color and streaming. Good grief, it’s like the computer problems just won’t go away, since I’ve been dealing with my laptop failing for over a year.

My usual routine was to use my tablet pc when family was home. Most of you know what happened to my tablet pc. It was replaced by the ultrabook that I can’t use and haven’t managed to sell yet. I’m going to be putting it on Craigslist next.

I don’t need any help with this.

I got a clearance Tablet PC, the Samsung Ativ 500T to lessen my stress and make it so that I can ink and write while I can’t use the desktop, making better use of my time. This is the most horrible laptop/tablet I have ever had. I’m so glad it’s TEMPORARY and it also warned me before I plunked down a greater amount of money for a more pricy Ativ. Samsung lost me as a potential computer buyer.

The sad thing is this, the Ativ works GREAT some days. Other days, it does bizarre things. It forgets how to work. It forgets the keypad. It forgets it accepts finger input. It forgets it accepts stylus input. It forgets it has a keyboard. It forgets how to process keystrokes quickly. Thankfully, right now, it’s working perfectly, probably because I’m complaining about it. Don’t get one. 😛 I also already broke the docking mechanism. No idea how, but I have to be really careful because while it accepts input, it won’t lock into place anymore.

Some days, it’s fast. Some days, it’s SLOW, so painfully slow.

It’s under warranty and I’ll send it in for repairs before I sell it. 😀

I would be replacing it right now, except I am waiting on a specific machine to come available that fits my needs perfectly, even if it’s a little bizarre. I’m waiting on the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga with the Haswell processor. I’ve heard Lenovo’s have a reputation for stability and LASTING a long time. I also have a way to get a discount on it. This particular laptop is SUPPOSED to be out before the end of the year.

And that’s it. I need some patience if I miss updates or am working slow. I am working, but holidays, moving and probably physical mouth pain are going to slow me down. I have deep cleaning part 1 scheduled for this afternoon…

– Tiff