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Collin and Quinn weren’t treated well under the Fox.  They were pretty much tossed aside like dangerous garbage and while Chatin, Cilke, and Cisco’s treatment wasn’t all that great either, they were taken care of and have minds of their own.  Collin and Quinn, not so much.  Their lives up to this point were meager, barely edible food, small rooms, and no fun.  They were probably hit quite a few times to a point of being quiet and not wanting to do anything that would result in being punished.  Collin took to Syrys immediately and it’s clear why he’s so clingy, because he knows Syrys is going to protect him from anything.  Quinn on the other hand.  She’s a little older than Collin and has always looked out for him, because he was younger.  You’ll notice that even thought Collin is the older one, even when he’s an adult he will still do things that don’t make him stick out as well as be more subversive with his abilities.  He likes to hide them, whereas, Quinn is the opposite… which is revealed by the end of this.  Sometimes, there is a switch, and when it’s turned on, it doesn’t go off.