Akaelae Graphic Novel Mockups

Edit: That didn't work how I thought it would, but I have now learned something else new about how multi comic posting works. 0.0 This morning, I was sucked into a hole of fiddling with the files for Akaelae and I discovered multiple things that were important to know. First of all, Akaelae is the EASIEST to convert to Createspace - so I thought. It turns out that I am going back to the original base files for every one of them. Second, I was upset at the lettering. So this page you see has been relettered, because I am strongly considering relettering it. Unlike Campus Safari, I do NOT want to redo Akaelae from the start. It's necessary. You will notice slight differences in the dialogue as well. How do you feel about this? I know I have a lot of readers who don't like changes. I'm not touching the art. On to the things I learned this morning, which will also help out others going through this with Clip Studio and Createspace: Clip Studio saves in only uncompressed .tiff files. I love using .tiffs for obvious reasons, that and I just liked them. However, my pdfs that I was uploading to createspace were over their 400 meg limit. Clip Studio .tiff = 7megs per file, converted in photoshop to .jpg = 3 megs per file, even smaller than the jpegs clip studio exports. Clip Studio will not open these files once they are converted - good to know. I'm overjoyed about this, because it was making me panic at the thought of even trying to print larger books when I go to Shivae!, Serin, etc, that are in color. With Shivae! I would really like to do ONE Vas book and ONE Cler book collection. I don't want to mess with doing larger books all the time. I want to limit the sizes to 70-96 pages depending on if it's a newer work of mine or the older ones. Older ones, I want 96 pages so the cost is reasonable and I actually make a profit - because I need to make profit on the books. Oh yeah, I updated the publications page if you wanted to pick up the last books I printed! Shivae Press Publications In short, I was dragging my feet because I had my doubts about the color volumes and now the door has been broken open. - Tiff

2 thoughts on “Akaelae Graphic Novel Mockups

  1. There is a slight mistake in the first panel’s wording. “I spend my summers like when sessions are out.” Other than that, I do like the re-lettering/wording, particularly the change from group to pack.

    1. Oops, I was in a hurry. 😀

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