01/11/2010 (6 Comments)

Thellie, Cobalt - I need you to EMAIL me ASAP so I can put your names in Akaelae #8 that I'm finishing today for your cameos! And I need Chrome to email me tooooo.. *sigh* I'll remember who you are the moment you email me. 9.9 I just can't recall it right now.

6 thoughts on “01/11/2010 (6 Comments)

  1. Love the cityscape here.

  2. Someday…..

  3. “Back to the swamp, where the biggest animals I have to worry about is an alligator and the stuff of fairy tails doesn’t bath in a birdbath.”

  4. When that day comes will he want to go?

  5. Wait is that another pool in the basement of the cityscape?

  6. If BLIZZARD(tm) were writing this comic strip:

    Darrik: When will I be able to go home?

    Blizzard: Soon. ™

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