There is an extra update this week and there will be another extra update next week! Darius will be updating today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday this week. Thank you for pushing the goal up, that really helps us a lot and I will be doing more extra updates after Furry Fiesta. Every little bit helps keep the site online, especially with January shaping up to be one of ‘those’ months as is usual for January. I’ve made enough from ads to pay for site fees in March. 😀 Normally, I would have three times as much. :/ I don’t see this month’s pay until March, which is shaping up as painful.

In the meantime, I am working to secure other work to supplement everything else. I have about $2K worth of debts I want to get cleaned up before we do house hunting. Finally get these things cleared up from when Kim was in the hospital.. five years we’ve been carrying these and more… but at least it wasn’t the 1.5 million her surgeries cost. 😀 We’ll get these wiped out before starting on the bigger ones. Now just to pray that the IRS returns money this year instead of demands more… that’s the big thing.

– Tiff