01/19/2010 (14 Comments)

17 thoughts on “01/19/2010 (14 Comments)

  1. Squeaky Koala of Doom! Everyone has truly been forsaken!

  2. Helriz The Kitsune

    So you were right, Hariman. Good one!

  3. After really quick glancing at Hariman’s comment from the previous comic and showing of what this Squeaky Koala of Doom is it just reminded me of an old Megatokyo filler that still makes me giggle when I read it: http://megatokyo.com/strip/119 Same joke though if I remember correctly this actually happened to between Piro and Dom… possibly minus Piro making the actual call… can’t seem to find where he stated it, maybe I read it in the forums when it was still new. Very funny either way.

  4. It’s not a koala! It’s a drop-bear!! LOL

  5. Funnily enough, Azlan did make the right call on how to make Quinn happier than she already was. It remains to be seen if he can duplicate that effect with the others. (I’m betting “Yes!”)

    I have an idea of how Azlan will manage that, but I’m not gonna spoil it if I’m right this time. 😉

  6. those horns do defiently give another side to that Koala creature

  7. Azlan does know Quinn.


    Now he needs to show the girls credits and clothes. Food for Vin.

  8. It’s even worse than Neni or Queen Mab.
    We are all doomed. Doomed I say.
    At least we’ll all go down laughing.

  9. Hmm… According to Azlan’s DMFA profile, the squeaky demon koala was a gift from Neni. Whether this is true in the Cyantian world is another story. Of course, this one looks plush, so even if it’s supposed to be the same Azlan, this may be a different toy that looks the same.

    Of course, it seems the squeaky one had a run in with Pip:

    1. He’s fae, we’re talking trans-temporal dynamics here. It’s pretty cool, you just have to figure out how to travel sideways in time.

  10. Clarification just in case: Forgot to mention that after said run-in, who knows what condition it’s in.

  11. … now… no one try to take the toy from Quinn, and everyone will get to keep their fingers :D.

  12. I decided to make it more plush – it’s missing the squeak sfx. 9.9 I had forgotten that on the page too, updated it for the actual book.

  13. um…yeah fun, drop bears….vin is right ho hum this is going to be a long day

    🙂 🙂

  14. Great! … is Queen ^^

  15. So cute! :3 All this page needs is a little squeak.

  16. Lol, everybody knows hugging an evil koala doll is the best fun ever!! :3

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