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  1. I really like this page, I’m not sure why but it makes me feel happy!

  2. well there evidently was a language barrier (my guess is that they are speaking fox)
    on the side note the horse really was her friend

  3. Love the plot twist. Keep up the wonderfully delightful surprises.

  4. If the horse is her friend, and there has been rumor that there is a demon horse around that parts, a rumor usually takes a while to spread, so how long has the girl been in there? did she get trapped? or did she get stuck? Was the sling given by Quinn? why didn’t Quinn phase her out then?

  5. I’m not sure if Quinn provided the sling or not.

    I think the Fennec has been hiding out for a decent while. I also think thtat the injury is more recent and the getting trapped thing is a very recent development.

  6. Well it seems that language was a little bump in the road. Now the horse being her friend is a nice surprise. This means the whole attempting to fight off the horse thing was a big misunderstanding, hopefully it will all turn out for the better and somehow I suspect that Quinn knew and was trying to calm him down.

  7. I love the fennec! So adorable! Fennecs are one of my favourite animals. ^^

  8. saw the twist coming

  9. I adore this fox <3 I want to make her mine. *plots*
    I have been wandering this sense she showed up is she a cameo?

  10. I somehow doubt Quinn stuck around long enough to bandage the fennec’s arm, because then she would’ve known the horse was a friend. And you can bet she would’ve /said/ something to the horse about that. Surely the mention of the horse’s friend would’ve calmed him down!

    @Flowerlark: Omg, you’re alive! =D I hope you’re feeling better now. :/

  11. Well now…The horse is the fennic’s friend? That should make things a whole heck of a lot easier.

    We still don’t know this new fox’s motives. Why was she out there?
    Is she working for someone? From the way it sounds this whole *demon horse* thing has been going on for a long time.

  12. Hmm, I had thought at some point this horse wasn’t a villain. Forgot about that when it attacked though. Wonder who the fennec is hiding from though, and how she met the horse..

  13. It’s possible that the Fennec is hiding/running from the creators of our fickle demon horse.

    And the “…you’re… not?” reaction tells me that Silver might be the first friendly person she’s met in a long time.

  14. Silver forgot to speak the right language first time…

    Being Multilingual can do that to you.

  15. Several readers called ‘the demon horse is somebody’s friend’ plot twist as much as a few weeks ago. So it’s a fun plot twist, but not a huge surprise.
    The language barrier is another non-surprise. The apparent fact that Silver is the first friendly person this cute fennec has met here, however is a rather novel twist.
    And I love the fennec’s expression, here.

  16. I love the new fox’s tail in the second panel, it’s so cute. :3

    I wonder how they met (the fox and the horse, I mean), and I wonder who gave the horse those shoes. I doubt the Fennec could have put on the shoes herself. (I don’t know why I’m thinking of her as a her, but I’m going to run with it until I know better.)

  17. Back on 1-09 Quinn said she’d met a fox and that she was hurt. As for the horse, it’s probly same as our young fox, and they’re both fugtives from someone who’s doing some thing they shouldn’t with gene twiking. Proble the fox had some supplys with her, figured to use the cave to hide… rock fall (old plot twist. 🙂 ). she can tell horse to find someone to help, but horse is scaring people do to strange coloring? We’ll see… Kids might be off to save the world… }:)

  18. I bet cuddles is the horse’s name, followed by the mauling of anyone besides the fennec who calls it that.

  19. I did not expect this… glad it was only the language barrier scaring her.

  20. LOL @ BloodArch… that’s my kind of pet… Fluffy the Terrible!

  21. Eh, I’m more of a Deathbringer the Cute kinda guy. Although a Fluffy the Terrible wouldn’t be too bad to have. If just for the “Oh, so THAT’S Fluffy!” reaction.

  22. She was planning something as she was there WITH the lantern. Maybe she got hurt but the horse could not communicate to others to get help. He was wild and protecting her. Besides, maybe SHE is the demon and the horse was trying to scare the kids away from her. Who says evil can’t be cute…

  23. Wait WHAT!? Your FRIEND!!

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