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13 thoughts on “03/28/2012

  1. Such an entrance.

    1. And such good timing!

      I think Quinn’s entrance here could easily be files under “Big Damn Heroes” and “Hell Yes Moment”!

  2. Is it just me, or does Quinn look a little worn out? Also – love the expressions on this strip!

    Non-comic: I’m glad the doctors have found a method that’s so much less invasive for your little girl. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for all of you. I wish you, and her, all the best as she puts on those pounds!

    1. I do not see worn out so much as I see “extremely disapproving.” She saw Rama prepared to kill or severely maim his own son and it brought out the disgust reflex that is normally buried very deep inside her.

      Now would be an especially bad time for Camden to decide to show his assets.

      1. Claws didn’t seem extended. Though considering how easily he’s proven a can kill kits, I don’t know if that really matters.

        I’m actually wondering how much she knows of Rama’s plans. There’s the bomb, the people he’s killed and also all those things shes possibly pulled from Syrys mind. Sometimes being a mind reader can really tell you what a monster someone really is.

    2. Quinn’s probably -very- worn out! She’s had a real workout today, what with finding and moving (twice!) Kel, Sheana and Celina and then going back to find Vincent.

  3. I’d say “Deus ex machina”, but we were all expecting this weren’t we?

  4. Honestly… probably that’s the only way it could end up not overly bad for Vin… but it still feels anti-climactic. 🙂

  5. This was the only way out. He couldn’t have won he had to have an out.

  6. zarpaulus,

    My first thought was “quinnus interruptus”

    We can save yours for “Darius ex machina” 🙂

  7. Not just intervention. Intervention by a girl who thinks Vincent is an idiot for doing such a thing, and against a wolf who apparently just wanted to grab Vincent’s face rather than claw him. XD

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