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24 thoughts on “03/30/2009 (24 Comments)

  1. I love the emotions on their faces, :3 make more of that please.

  2. This going to get interesting.

  3. Oh, Yeah. Quinn’s back! this should get interesting quickly.

  4. Apparently, Quinn’s never bumped her head……..Odd…….

    Vin is irate, Darrik is confused, and Silver looks likes she realy to spit flames. All and all, looks like the crap is about to hit the fan. *ducks for cover*

  5. Indeed Quinn how did that happen!?

    Now for a series of events to occur that will be partially hilarious… I bet someone’s never gonna let Quinn hitting her head die down…. I know I wouldn’t!
    On a more serious note now an increased ability to save the horse!! Hopefully it’ll all end more happily then the situation was headed for…

    Oh lord that was a horrible pun….

  6. Spit flames? Silver’s gonna Shoop Da Whoop!

  7. “Well Quinn, trying to ride a bucking bronco could have something to do with it!”

    “Rocks are solid, Quinn!”

    The mercenaries can’t do a thing to Silver. She’s royalty and if they harm her or push her around they will most likely be in deep squid.

    And Voracious, Darrik is the one who can fire energy blasts. Silver is only accelerated to superhuman speed by her elite abilities. But yeah, spitting fire wouldn’t be too far off with that expression.

  8. My bet is the whole demonic nature of the horse has something to do with the Quinn’s head on rock thing. I doubt the horse is actually a demon, but a might be able to cancel out Quinn’s powers somehow…

    Why does Vin look so pissed? He looks like he’s going to bite someone’s head off in the first frame. If I were him I would be worried, not angry.

    Oh, and also is Silver royalty? I thought she just sort of chilled with the mounties. Wasn’t she born to a family in average range on the Fox royalty scale? Or am I just misinterpretting the events of Gralen Cragg Hall?

  9. LIES! Quiin is invincible!

  10. Whoa, what happened to the blurp that I commented on last night? Did that get posted before it was supposed to? If so, I guess this is what we were missing!

  11. Maybe…but in head v. rock, I do believe the rock won.

  12. @Black_Hat: Silver is definitely Mounty royalty — she is a Mounty Princess, adopted daughter of the King. She might be considered a level of Fox royalty also (or maybe just real close to it) — IIRC the elite silvers were the second tier of the Fox elite, directly supporting the royal white elites.

  13. k, I thought I read that she was being trained as a diplomat or something of some sort. Curses to the lack of the wiki!!!!

  14. If the Fox followed an English style hierarchy of royalty then Silver would be considered royalty, but as I remember, it more resembled a Japanese feudal style setup, so the elite silvers would kinda fall between the ancient Japanese Daimyos and Samurai classes in status — they had high status, but were possibly not considered the equivalent nobles (the top Fox royalty seemed to have a real penchant for hogging power throughout their history).

  15. 100,000 Neopoints says that if the cavalry does not show up this week Silver will do something stupid/brave to save the horse. (Yes, I have that much to throw away, thank you.)

  16. Black_Hat, how would you react if some random mercenary told you “stay here” and kept you from going to your friend(s) (Silver)/seeing what happens? Especially if you were an adolescent elite wolf? 😉

  17. Oh my “the feces is going to hit the rotating oscillator”

    Quin is somewhat spaced but conscious, maybe things aren’t going to be as bad as we once thought.

    It is a demon horse, what if Strom’s axe just melts or disintegrates?
    (Although i highly doubt that anything of the like will happen)

  18. @Lycanthrope: If you was wanting to bet some WoW time, I’d take you up on that. (My account ran out 🙁 )

    I can bet 25 Aerial points toward Silver doing something, that later be labled as couragous.

  19. “Courageous” as in “totally, unbelievably stupid” (as in: tackling fox/rabbit/demon horse/etc.)? 😀

  20. Yeah, that’s what “courageous” is synonymous with. At least on the extreme upper end of the scale of courage.

    On a different note, the adopted mounty royals, like Silver, Tira and Alexandera (Alex) are adopted as princesses to provide go betweens for the Mounties and races who are intimidated when a seven foot carnivorous anthropomorphic lion is trying to be diplomatic.

  21. Oh so I did indeed get the whole diplomat thing right in my head. But they still are “royalty”. I have no idea how fox society works, other than that the Emperor is a bitter, conniving, power hungry, genocidal fox who hates Caite’s family.

    I would be irritated about that, but Quinn is just coming to, so my immediate concern would be with her, not with the mercenaries. I might speak bitterly about our situation, but I wouldn’t have such a vehement glare on my face. Mayhap its just me. And is that a horses butt in panel one?

  22. Probably – our friendly fox technomage asked one of her group to take the cubs out of sight, after all. Using the horse to block their path (at least partly) is likely a good way to keep them away from Mercial – not that it’s going to stop Quinn, of course, but…

  23. So Vin’s glare isn’t at no one after all. Probably directed towards Cobalt. My guess is Cobalt is actually going to turn out pretty nice. Silver is probably going to do something drastic. Probably leap on Strom or Mercial, and then as they turn to deal with this pest the hunting party will show up and save the day, that is assuming the demon horse is still under the control Mercial.

    Oh Quinn, life would be so uninteresting without you. 😀 That is assuming my earlier theory about the horse negating sirac powers is not correct.

  24. Mmmm, run on sentence with lack of adequate punctuation. So tasty and delicious.

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