In all the excitement and uproar on Tuesday – the tornado warning and hiding out for an hour, wasting several hours on being afraid there was going to BE a warning on top of that… I FORGOT TO UPLOAD the rest of the week’s comics. πŸ˜› Feel free to prod me and ask, since they were all DONE, if I do that again. I do get so busy I forget to upload comics. πŸ™ I’ve uploaded all of this week’s comics, M-F updates!!

These comics and the one prior to it were all painted in Adobe Photoshop CS6 – which is sooo awesome. I have it for 54 more days, so I better finish out Darius quickly since I can’t afford the upgrade and doubt it will be out by then anyway Haven’t checked, but upgrading is $700 for the package I want, that includes Acrobat, Illustrator AND Photoshop.. although I don’t know if I’ll qualify for that with 6, but the minimum is just Photoshop CS6 for $199-$350 – depending on the version. I’ll likely end up with the base minimum just so I can keep being happy with the beautiful output. It’s funny how different the art looks done with pretty much the SAME brushes and style. 0.o

When Darius is done, I will be switching to mostly black and white – Campus Safari and maybe another – maybe Sink or Swim, likely Genoworks Saga – possibly more. Depends on if I can get myself back into gear. I also will be finishing up and updating the Shivae Drop-a-thon and War that’s been scripted… but not finished in the inking department. It will be done. Must do it so I can focus on some other things. πŸ˜€ Like… more stuff updating again.