04/14/2010 (7 Comments)

7 thoughts on “04/14/2010 (7 Comments)

  1. Syrys is like
    *be quiet and stay still maybe they won’t notice us!*
    be funny if it was Mekussa, then they would be worked up about nothing

  2. Syrys’ thoughts: Panel 1: “Damn they’re noisy, what are they doing up there?”

    Panel 2: “Why does it sound like they’re playing with explosives?”

    Panel 3: “Maybe I can hear what kind of explosives…”

  3. I have a feeling that the thumps are the raccoons in the air ducts…
    I wonder whether he is going to go hunting them or if they are going to “drop” in on Syrys?

  4. This could be bad…

  5. I think they’re hearing a pair of frightened psi-coons.

  6. You could be right.

  7. “What do we do?!”

    “We need a big box.”

    Its what Snake would do.

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