04/14/2010 (14 Comments)

15 thoughts on “04/14/2010 (14 Comments)

  1. A great example of an atavistic reaction.

  2. Was he trying to say “don’t be a male” or “don’t be an animal”?

  3. OK, that´s enough. Let her go, Kel.

  4. Darius should keep in mind that he is not a cat and therefore only has one life… not 9.
    A life he’s actually playing with o.o”

  5. Clearly she’s asking because she can’t understand a word he says with his tongue hanging out like that. *nod*

  6. Were I Kel, I would pull Celina back, make Darius put his tongue back into his mouth, and punch him myself.

    Were i Celina, I would have punched him again by now.

    Darius has gone well beyond the realm of “Tempting Fate” into the land of “Asking For It”. He’s so far in, he can’t see the border anymore.

  7. Kiss her, you fool!

  8. Celina has a short memory.
    This is her telling Birthday Boy not to be so primitive.

    And now she’s being positively animalistic herself!

  9. I think Darius is havin a little bit of fun is all 😉
    See how far you can push the stiffs!!!

  10. Fuzzy has it! I mean; his tongue is already out and all anyway… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. If memory serves (I was going to check the Wiki to make sure, but it’s down right now), to Cyantians, ‘animal’ means something like ‘primal, primitive, dumb (possibly in both senses of the word).’ So yeah, I’m reasonably sure she’s insulted because he’s says she’s on the verse of acting like a dumb animal.

    And I agree with Carihh. Cel should learn to follow her own advice. Temper, Celina. Temper. ~_^

  12. Yes, Omniscia. She needs to cool off. Beating up someone for slurping is most definitely over reacting. She is acting like an animal.
    And Fuzzy’s comment reminds me of Bugs Bunny. That would be hilarious! Though unfortunate if Sheana were to show up. 🙂

  13. I think he is speaking the language of the dark lord yiffles.


    If Sheana showed up….yeah that could be real bad. Sheana would eat his liver raw if she caught him with Celina like that. After Celina kicked Darius’s arse of course.

  14. @Ruby L – Celina isn’t beating up Darius for slurping. She’s beating him up for being a deliberately annoying jerk!
    Originally, the slurping wasn’t on purpose but it did annoy Celina ’til she said something (admittedly not very polite) about it. THEN Darius started doing it louder and on purpose, deliberately getting on Celina’s nerves.

  15. Darius isn’t primitive, he’s just come to terms with his instincts and knows how to handle his actions appropriately.

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