06/17/2009 (19 Comments)

As promised!

19 thoughts on “06/17/2009 (19 Comments)

  1. Haha surprise horsey kisses
    Ooh first comment…?

  2. Number of people who are currently confirmed to have deliberately caught Quinn off guard: 1: The very aptly named Cyclone.

    I can actually imagine the sounds a horse would be making if they did this too. Thankfully, Cyclone is friendly now. I think Quinn getting a taste of her own medicine.

  3. Hmmm… I think Steve Vai’s “Bad Horsie” would be an appropriate theme song for Cyclone.

  4. @hariman
    Agreed in both aspects.

  5. Something frightening Quinn!? Wow, I love this horse ^^

  6. Quinn’s face is brilliant. One of my horses does that to me all the time, and I am pretty sure he is laughing at me too. I actually feel for Quinn here!

  7. Cyclone… I really like that name. It’s very fitting. I’m not a big fan of horses since one threw me off _and_ then stepped on me, damaging the bear pretty good, but.. hell.. Cyclone is intimidating, cute and beautiful at the same time o.o;

  8. lol wasn’t expecting that after their first encounter 🙂

  9. LOL

  10. Ah, the future source of Quinns’ fears.

    Hmmm, though I wonder if Quinn has trouble reading the thoughts of this animal? Could it be a product of CG as well?

  11. MM: I’m pretty sure that Cyclone is a Technofamiliar. Or at least a mechanical bodyguard.

    Ghostbear: Huh. That sounds about as bad as getting kicked by one horse while hanging off the side of another horse. Yes. You did just read that right.

  12. Cost of one technofamiliar: 84837563747594

    Cost of one Genoworks raccoon: 88473235463758923821648293

    Seeing Quinn caught off guard and frightened: Priceless

  13. i didn’t think that the “demon horse”, being a machine, could actually laugh! I had always thought techno familiars were soulless

  14. @Lycanthrope: Niiice.

  15. KHGV Defenestration

    Boo! Bad xenomorph22! Discriminating against machines? No cookie!

    If you prick us, do we not buy over-priced touch-up paint?

    If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

    If you poison us, do we not reformat, restore from backup, then install the latest top-of-the-line protection software only to disable it a week late for being irredeamable resource-hogging bloatware?

    And if you wrong us, shall we not rain unholy atomic death from the skies?


    Also, no surprise Quinn is on edge – this thing is still very much an unknown(to her), was encountered unexpectedly, and has the, prehaps unique, distinction of having actually hurt her. That experiance alone ought to be atleast somewhat jarring for Miss Happy-Go-Lucky.

  16. Looks like Quinn is getting a slight electrical shock there too. What a kiss!

  17. if you think to the comics that technically come after this, even though they are machines, they still think their animals, and behave accordingly.

    Horses seem to enjoys scaring people (or most of the ones I’ve met) and the fact that it scared Quinn with absolutely no effort, the equivalent of a “boo”, is admittedly pretty funny :P.

    To be honest I’m happy it was Quinn, anyone else and it could have been trouble.

  18. And I have a funny feeling THIS is the surprise…horsie and owner that is.

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