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  1. Tira yammering excitedly: Bonded means they're raised together. It's the way for humans of Alex's clan and mommy and daddy promised her parents they would raise her in their way if anything happened to them.
  • I don't know if I'd like to be bonded to an Acid Whip. They're thick hided and have no fur. Well, they do have fur on their shoulders and wings… sometimes the neck.
  • But what really want is a pet gryphon or a shivae.
  1. Darrik staring helplessly.

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  1. yay for first post First post!!! Wow i was right Tira did explode!!!:-) I don’t think darrik knows what to do in such instances. I am sad to admit that if she where a guy she would remind me of myself:( Only she is lucky that she doen’t always have someone yelling at her telling her to shut up!
    *Hears boss yell Shut up!!!!!!*
    Sorry boss

  2. Darrik might get a word in edgewise. Someday. When the cute eyed fluffball known as Tira finally winds down.

    I’ll bet he’s wondering what Shivae are.

  3. well Darrik seems surprised!

  4. Her eyes….. their….SHINEY!

    1. Yeah, I was surprised too. She must REALLY want a pet to be using those sparkly puppy eyes.

  5. hahahahaha

  6. Darrik’s wondering if gryphons and shivae can just swallow him whole, or will they need to take two bites. >D

  7. The cutie vixen has finally broken poor darrik.
    Darrik Has seen shivae before, even if he didn’t recognize them as such. But gryphons are another matter.
    Good job with Darrik’s overloaded expression.

  8. Darrik: but, some of my friends are furless humans…

  9. That is by far the most beautiful image of Tira yet.

    I was thinking Darrik looks more stunned than helpless, though I guess being stunned could translate into being helpless.

  10. It’s called information overload, guys.. His brain is now backlogged with the wealth of data Tira has provided…

  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tira, the pre-teen foxlet. Actually, I suspect she’s just overjoyed at having a strange fox to talk to…with Tira doing all the talking, of course. Poor Darrik; all he said was “Hello…”
    (She better not have a sister named Misu, though.)

  12. Thankfully, the only sisters that Tira has are Alex, Brix and Silver. (And anyone that I am forgetting, if I’m forgetting anyone.)

    I think Darrik had Tira at “hello”. Or maybe Tira had Darrik at “hello”. I’m not quite sure.

    And yeah, I think Darrik’s thinking, “What should I say? She’s so darn cute I’m at a loss for how to respond to anything she says!” XD

  14. Been on both sides of this sort of conversation. 😀

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