My interview with TGT  is currently in bracket 5 and trailing.  So listen to my interview and my competitors’ and then VOTE for which you like best!  Winner gets another interview and you know, that does sound kind of fun.  I had a good time doing the first one.  You can vote once a day.

The trees are, btw, mangrove trees.  I looked for a tree that would be big enough to put a house in it and be located in Florida/Arkansas/Lousiana and came across the mangrove, which is a very interesting tree in how it grows from the ‘top down’. 😉  It occurred to me that it could probably be manipulated and a well hidden group of homes could be easily carved into them with the right tools.

Got gryphons to keep the snakes out.. along with a few other native Cyantian creatures that were brought across as pets. 😉  And the cats… there are a LOT of domestic cats living with the foxes as pets because they like cats. 😀