Page 14
1. Mekussa: … what do my kits have to do with him… Ceigan?
2. Ceigan: You need to leave Chatin here. She is among the brightest of our projects. I want you to leave Chatin, Cilke and Cisco behind. The three of them are your best students, I know.
3. Mekussa: Ceigan, Chatin is my most promising student … ever!
4. Ceigan: It’s worth one risk to get the rest of the kits out safely, Mekussa. I know it’s a difficult choice to make, but what about the ones we lost? What about the kits YOU designed and worked on? The ones that the militia took … and are torturing? I know that you hear their cries as often as I do. We’ve seen them on the training fields … being torn apart in mock, senseless battles. We are going to get out as many as we can, but in the end, the thing to think about is that we will NOT lose anymore to being tortured.
5. Mekussa looking torn, listening: Mekussa, they will get out with Syrys, then we can recover them later. They are marked and I have several plans on how we’ll procede from that point. We can work on them on the way to Avistary tonight. For now … this is what I need you to tell Chatin….