Comics for October 1, 2000 - 10/01/2000 - Wow.  725 strips.  Campus Safari has ended in this incarnation.  It began a LONG time ago as one of my first comics and I want to redo it with better art and updated writing. I had to stop doing it primarily to avoid 'fixing' events in Akaelae and closing off avenues of story that I may want to change and well.. I don't really intend to CHANGE the majority of Campus Safari.  I intend to ADD to it!

2 thoughts on “10/01/2000

  1. I loved the strip! Sorry it was ended, but ah well. The characters were interesting and nice to look at. The humans weren’t too dense…they ALL didn’t want to make some easy money off the “visitors”. Thank you for the chance to see these as much as I did. Catch you later!

  2. when are you going to reboot the strip. Will you be doing it at the same time as your other strips.

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