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1. Cardde, Cam and Calle dressed nicely with bags near them, looking confused.
· Mekussa standing by them: Cam, Cardde, Calle,… make sure that you have everything while I speak to Cilke, Chatin and Cisco.
2. Cilke, Chatin and Cisco standing by incubator, looking confused as well: Cisco: Mekussa, why aren’t we going with you?
· Mekussa smiling: Because you have an important job to do. Cisco, I expect you to watch those whip eggs. When they hatch, they’ll keep the scavies away from you. Be nice to them and be sure to feed them well. They will bite you and burn you if you’re not nice.
3. Mekussa to a sad looking Chatin: Chatin,… come with me.
4. Calle standing behind Cilke and Cisco, whispering: I heard only the best of us are going …
5. Chatin looking uncertainly over her shoulder.