Yes.. I know I said I WASN’T updating this week, but I’m stubborn. My Tablet PC is giving me a LOT of problems (Do NOT buy an HP TX2000) and has for awhile. It melted itself last summer and is working its way there right now, although I AM going to take it in and have it looked at as soon as the people I contacted contact me back with information on when I can take it in for them to look at. I’m HOPING that the only thing wrong with it is that it needs to have things soldered back onto the motherboard. (It tends to melt the soldering on the WiFi, then other parts of the motherboard, which is causing the biggest issues… after the heat). I ran across a temporary and simple fix – yeah.. run it on POWER SAVER … 9.9 So I got this nice tablet that is not to be used to the fullness of its design because some brilliant person at HP decided to put a falty nvidia graphics card in it that has the potential to EXPLODE.. yet there isn’t a recall … (I did a LOT of researching to find something I could do to make it so that I could work and use it.)

I’m not done with HP, because every machine in my apartment is HP and they all work fine, other than being a little old… like that 7 year old laptop that keeps plugging along without a single issue. I have been reading the reviews on the current (fixed) version of my tablet, because I suddenly realized, wait.. if I get a Cintiq, I won’t have anything to carry WITH me when I leave the apartment… I wasn’t actually carrying the TX2 a lot until a few months ago when I got over my fear of dropping it and visualizing it shattering into millions of pieces. πŸ˜€ The new version is the HP TM2, which runs cool… and costs around $700 depending on what new coupons there are. (Someday, I DO want that 12″ Cintiq, but it costs so much more). Don’t particularly want to lug around the 10 lb Pavillion laptop that I set up for Kim to use. πŸ˜€ I’m hoping it’s going to be in the shipment of tablets that Best Buy told me they’re getting in on the 15th. They also mentioned ASUS and I want to see some tablets now that people are starting to use them more. I’m so happy that they are … why yes, thank you Apple, and that’s the only thank you, you’ll see from me! The glory of the tablet is for all to experience! (With a stylus, not your fingers… *shudder* I hate touching smooth hard surfaces with my fingers, it irritates them after awhile.)

So plan is – now that my current Tablet is useable, use it on the power saver setting, which isn’t giving me any noticeable issues with Manga Studio, get it looked at and hopefully fixed for as little as possible – save up for new Tablet PC in the interim.

I SHOULD be recovering my pace soon.

– Tiff