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18 thoughts on “12/02/2011

  1. Pity-f***?

    1. I don’t think so, maybe pity-get-into-a-state-of-undress-muss-up-own-fur-and-sleep-in-the-beds-together.

  2. Such a nice little site to see, l chance of him becoming corrupted just tanked.

  3. Turned them into slaves?

    And we yet to have seen any other bunnies and they probably wouldn’t take well to cooking one of their children.

    Either their not exactly here or they might be long gone.

  4. “When confronted with an honest man, the truth shall be your greatest redoubt.”

    All the hope that there was for Rama is passed on to his son. But it’s not Rama’s hopes of having an heir to his legacy, it’s everyone else’s hopes that Vin will turn out better than his father.

    I’m reasonably sure that Vin won’t disappoint anyone in that regard.

  5. What? No no no, this is way too overt. You’d think Rama would do something to prevent them from telling their backstories.

    1. But, Rama DID try something to keep them from telling their back stories and giving their names to increase their chances of survival.

      He threatened to kill them if they did.

      I don’t think it was one of Rama’s best plans either.

      1. Actually, Rama told Vin their names, remember: http://cyantian.net/blog/2011/10/07/10072011/

      2. Nor do I, hariman. After all, people who are overconfident tend to make bad plans.

  6. There is some hope. I’m still suspicious, tho. Want to be wrong, but am suspicious.

    1. Yeah, it feels like this is some sort of ploy to get Vincent to do what Rama wants him to do with the girls.

      1. No, I mean, the girls aren’t necessarily the poor slaves they seem to be.

  7. Something about Kerie’s story seems a bit off, I thought golds were guards, not farmers.

    1. She’s probably yellow, not gold, golds have paler color (and black skin under fur, as all elite foxes – we can’t quite check this here).

      1. There’s no such caste as yellow. Kerie is an orange, one of the lower castes (equal to blue, IIRC.) And not all golds are elites, only the ones with black skin are. It’s whites, blacks, and silvers that are mostly all elites. It’s not at all unusual for a gold to not be elite.

  8. I think the girls are pretty much telling the truth here.
    Where they got up the courage to dare tell Vincent the truth I don’t know, unless they are hoping the fact that Vincent is Rama’s son will make a difference in their favor. Or perhaps they think doing this is less dangerous, or at least likely to lead to a less painful end , than failing Rama’s instructions.

    1. No, it’s totally obvious they are lying in a way that would make Darius want to turn against their master. DUH they’re telling the truth!! Why wouldn’t they? That’s like saying a slave would deny his freedom because he’d rather work for his master, even though he and his master absolutely hate each other. The girls are telling him this because they’d rather risk death in return for the possibility of escape than continue following orders and make their deaths inevitable.

  9. Well, talk about a quick change of heart!

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