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I have begun updating my latest rough draft, Below, which follows a rabbit in Cyantia faced with a mystery involving his Fox friend, in which she is being blamed for accidents in their place of work, one of the massive spires that holds up a town. You can read it via my primary comic patreon or my writing patreon for as little as a dollar and it goes toward supporting my work. I and my family greatly appreciate the support. – Tiff


Campus Safari 20-05

11 thoughts on “Campus Safari 20-05

  1. Oh that girl is cute!

  2. Interesting pose and expression for Jenny too. Resting, pouting, or just staying out of the way? 🙂

    1. All of the above. 😀

  3. Cannonfodder10503

    What happened to the website?

    1. I haven’t a clue. The theme broke and it’s been fixed though!

      1. The drop down tabs for things like navigating to the other comic strips seem to be missing, or at least I’m not seeing them like before.

      2. Yes, your navigation system has been rendered nonfunctional.

        1. Do you also see the pop-up about cookies when the page starts loading before it disappears a few seconds later?

        2. Yeah, on occasion.

  4. Poor thing, she’s having trouble reconciling the differences between their insane berserk state and their normal, child forms. No surprise though, it’d be difficult when that’s your first experience with it understanding that what you saw wasn’t really them (although now I’m getting Banner/Hulk comparisons popping into my head).

    1. Seems that Jenny is having that problem too. She’s trying to figure out how trying to stop two raging genetically engineered war machines somehow ended up with her being in trouble for dropping a building on 2 cute little cubs.

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