This one was manual, but the rest won’t be. Setting them this evening. I’ve discovered vector inking. 😀 I’ve discovered that you can do neat things with it, like increasing the width of a line or smoothing them perfectly. I LOVE IT.

I also realized today that I’ve been unrealistically pushing myself. I’m learning how to use Windows 8 (Stupid start button is something I MISS.), relearning a wacom touch, dealing with drawing with a toothpick, learning how to use the Yiynova tablet (that’s not bad, it’s a plus), learning how to fully use Manga Studio EX 5 since I DO now own it! It has such fun tools! I can spend more time on inking.

I have a pony convention this weekend, Nightmare Nights, depending on it heavily for food next week, maybe fixing my glasses that are now held together with E6000 glue. 😀 I caught them in time this time to take care of that.

– tiff