Chapter 3 04

I did FOUR pages this week. FOUR PAGES. And then I decided, yeah, I'm not going to continue doing these in color as an alternate. :D It was fun to do for something special, but it is a lot of work and I had a sick child to deal with at the same time. It took me over a day to finish these pages due to that. :/ Well, I'm also sick with a cough. Nothing else. Just a cough. Kim's having surgery on Thursday, so I wanted to make sure I had some buffer time to spend with her. - Tiff

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 04

  1. camolotthecreator

    You live in what appears to be a Crapsack World. Did you expect a different response than fear, suspicion and a strong desire to escape?
    If you did, you’re deluding yourself.

  2. It’s the three sisters!

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