I had a minor hiccup in my work over the last week, that being a puppy with a sensitive stomach, a visit with a trainer to assess him, finding out he suffers from insecurity and trauma likely from his particular abandonment situation, and then getting him neutered yesterday, which involved me staying in the vet’s office for an hour to help them handle him since he had to be muzzled and see the aforementioned insecurity.  I didn’t want to risk him having a REALLY BAD EXPERIENCE.  On the good side, I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal my adorable puppy, because he will likely bite them HARD and I’ve seen what he does to aluminum cans.


So, everything’s fine, other than this month I need to concentrate on getting work done, there are going to be a few missed updates, Kim’s school year is almost over, and I need to get a part in our AC fixed so I’m going to point everyone to my Patreon and Swaggerdile pages as well as the Amazon page (because while I don’t need anything, I know some people like to surprise me with stuff from there and I don’t mind!).


Oh, one more thing of importance:  There are TWO $75 cameo slots open for Campus Safari.  These will take awhile to get to, depending on the circumstances, which you can discuss with me.  These slots will include interaction with whichever characters you want (ask first so I can see if it’ll work).  They can be human or cyantians, on Earth or on Mars.  Just talk to me first to see how we can work it out.  Proceeds are going to Bear’s training costs, because they’re going to be a little more than normal due to his insecurity/anxiety.  Going to try a thunder shirt with him first and those aren’t cheap.  I spent all of my royalties from Amazon this month on his first lesson.   Good thing I sold a bunch of books! – Tiff