For as little as $15, you can get your own Darius, IF YOU ACT FAST!!  There are only 25 available for $15 and then 25 for $20, then the rest are $23!

The goal is $4,000 to get them produced and then there is a SECOND goal to get SHEANA made!  It’s doable, but only with your help.

The Indiegogo tally will be automatically updated in the Indiegogo embedded box on the site and there are two weeks to reach the goal, since I only have a 30 day window on the quote.  You can also use this link.  Go to the Indiegogo for more information.  If the goal is not met, they will not be produced and all funds will be returned to pledgers.

When the first goal is met, I will be able to accept pledges via email and other preferred methods.

– Tiffany