Welp. Starting tomorrow (even though we’ve been self quarantining for over a week) government mandate from our county is forcing everyone to stay indoors and not go out for a week, likely to be extended. Not sure what’s in the air, but I’ve got a lovely migraine that sends shooting pains through my left eye when looking at a computer screen. 😀  Joy.

This image IS available as a print in the dropbox which you can get the link to via Patreon or Ko-fi! (You have to print it yourself.) I can add stuff on request from supporters, but at the moment, my dropbox is limited with space.  When I’m making over 1k a month, I’ll subscribe to a bigger one so I can put in EVERYTHING. Right now, I really need to be making that 1k a month and am very far from it. (I’m not counting on getting any stimulus, because they’re currently ignoring the self-employed.

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