Genoworks Saga 9

I've got to do more lineless work and learn how to do it right. :( I'm not happy with this. It's ok, but I need more practice.

5 thoughts on “Genoworks Saga 9

  1. Looks very pretty to me!! The only possibility I can see to try with this one is maybe a different background. I think the designs and/or colors with this one may distract a bit from the character drawing. Just MHO. 🙂

    1. Yup, the background should have been something different, but I didn’t intend to color this in this way when I drew it.

  2. This feels a bit more stylized, and not merely due to the lineless nature. Head feels somewhat out of proportion towards the large end, while the torso feels a mite short. Just my two cents, though, and I could be completely wrong. Color- and texture-wise, though, good gods, it’s gorgeous!

    1. You’re not wrong. Inked, it looked completely different, but when I added the fur I went outside the inked and flatted areas on all of the fuzzy parts, which caused problems I did not forsee until I was done. 😀

  3. My advice for improving lineless painting is to do speedpsints of photographs. Find a photo you like and give yourself a time limit. They really help for capturing the most important parts of a painting and for gaining more confidence in creating colour, form, and shadow. Every art professor I’ve had used speed paintings or drawings (sometimes we only had 5 seconds, no exaggeration). Also painting photos and even pulling colours from them with the picker helps with identifying lught and shadow- techniques that can be carried over to any kind of artwork you do. 🙂

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