This is the FIRST time I’ve actually shown a full body drier that is standard in Cyantian homes. Adult Cyantians do not shower or bathe frequently, maybe a couple times a month if they’re not laborers. Cubs usually get a good bath once a week. Adults tend to prefer showers to baths, especially when shedding. Yes, they have a very good fur trap on the bottom of the tub to keep it from getting clogged with hair.
The fur dryers are usually like a small open closet, just big enough for one adult to stand in and be dried by one to three walls that blow warm air, as well as getting dried by air coming from overhead and their feet. This tends to leave them well dried… and fluffed. Akaelaes can obviously afford the fanciest version. One dryer wall is usually adequate. It just takes a little longer.

– Tiff