Vincent and Filaire 2 – 07

6 thoughts on “Vincent and Filaire 2 – 07

  1. This is a TEST, because I can’t see the comments, or even the field names for these blanks to write and send a comment. (Also; tiiiny font here.)

    1. What are you using to access the site?

      1. Firefox. HOWEVER… This may have become a moot point. …if it turns out I am the only one who commented on this page. LOL MY comment and YOUR reply do appear.
        The blank reply form does seem odd though. No labels for “Comment”, “ID”, or “Email”.

        1. HAHAHAHA.. okay, so easy fix. I had accidently set the form background color to black! It’s good now.

  2. It’s not the heights that he’s scared of. It’s not even falling. It’s the sudden stop.

    1. This is true.

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