Completed print version!
Further details: The amount left to unlock the wallpaper for EVERYONE is $197 by the end of the month.

All supporters will get a copy of the wallpaper at whatever size they request, regardless of whether the goal is reached or not.
The following are by REQUEST only, because sometimes people donate and don’t want to receive items in the mail, so I figure if you’re a reader, just drop me a note that you WANT this item mailed to you! IF you donate an amount equal to or more than what is noted, you qualify for the item! (Please add $3 if you are not in the US/Mexico. Canada … uhh.. it’ll take awhile longer due to your postal strike.)

4 x 6 mini prints – $5
8.5 x 11 prints – $10

4 x 6 and 8.5 x 11 print – $11

11 x 17 jumbo print – $15 – will be mailed in a tube.

All three items – $25