So, Kim’s procedure didn’t happen because insurance hasn’t approved it yet. You know, a procedure that is necessary and shouldn’t be delayed too long. 🙁 So now we’re sitting around waiting and it can happen at ANY TIME. :/ This does not bode well for work. I almost didn’t get updates done, because I’ve been running a low grade fever for several days and had a very annoying, sleep robbing cough. I lost my voice for several days. Now, I’m much better, but still guzzling cough syrup. 🙁

Btw, this image was done for Homecon for Anthemis. :)- Tiff

This week’s Updates:

Monday – Gralen Cragg Hall
Wednesday – Sink or Swim
Friday – Genoworks Saga
Sunday – Vincent

*Vincent is a Patreon only comic. It began updating on 11/30! It costs as little as $3 a month to view and you’re helping support the comic! Those dollars add up and make for a happier, more productive artist.