Draco Vulpes 5 – 15

8 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 5 – 15

  1. Talk about a hot date ….

  2. Well, it IS open. Closing it again will be tricky, but he said he wanted it open…

  3. At the bottom of the hole is a small sign.

    It says “Pull To Open”

    1. Nah. There may have been a small sign but now the only thing there is a small puddle of molten metal

  4. It looks like she melted more than just the door. Draco looks frazzled

  5. I’ve always said that Jenny was hot.

    …What? She melted my heart from the beginning.

    1. Ahhh.. I hope Gavin sees that.

    2. I’m honored that you feel that way! 😀

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