Draco Vulpes 8-15

Chapter 9 is currently updating on Shivae.space which is accessible for $1 a month via Patreon! The chapters will update here after a year or so. - Tiff

11 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 8-15

  1. Test

    1. That worked. Unlike the attempt to make that puppy stay.

  2. Cannonfodder10503

    I’ve been having trouble commenting (please work)

    1. I see your comment.

  3. Cannonfodder10503

    I tried doing a reply before and it refused to go through. Kept getting, comment required in red.

  4. Best I can figure is I updated it and your browser used a cached page. Is it working for you now without the comment required?

  5. Be funny if it eventually turned out the -wolf- cub was trying to tell them ‘something’ happens when the moon is full. 😉

  6. Moon Moon? Not inspired by the meme, is it? 😀

    1. Unashamedly: It is. 😀

  7. I’m uncertain why my browser would use a cache page. Though I find refreshing and/or opening a new tab usually works. It seems to be working now

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