Genoworks Saga Chapter 9 Page 2

12 thoughts on “Genoworks Saga Chapter 9 Page 2

  1. Hmm. I think they recognize Syrys. It’s probably all of those paintings of him as a God of War on a Crimson Horse.

  2. Gratuitous Beefcake shot in panel 1.

    1. That’s okay; there’s also plenty of cheesecake for the rest of us! 😉

  3. That last panel certainly shows how out of time he is.

    Making such comments on style of clothing that isn’t even the current style trend. Boy Syrys, thanks to the foxes back then, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

    1. Centuries of catching up. Centuries.

    2. I think the comment about the change in styles may have to do with the nice robe… but no pants.

  4. Given the conditions of that rest point, it’s amazing how its sensors and cameras were still working…

    1. Well, Cyantia in general doesn’t use the “lowest bidder” system for building things. While I agree that electronics are usually the first thing to go, I don’t have any real-world experience in the field of hardened/ruggedized/military electronics, which I should imagine are significantly tougher when exposed to the environment for a long span of time. I should hazard a decent guess, though, that since Cyantia doesn’t use lowest-bidder builds, plus the electronics being ruggedized, well, no moving parts means a long lifespan. As to power, a radioisotope thermoelectric generator can power equipment for decades without needing maintenance (just look at the Voyager probes for proof there).

    2. Or, they could be there because the rest point is in bad shape and in need of repairs.

  5. Might be interesting when we find out who the cat is. She is dressed in an awfully ‘hot’ style of dress for a house servant’s uniform! 🙂

    1. I`m wondering about the same thing…

  6. oh dear… almost 5 year since I left that comment here and came back now re reading this story. There seems to be some missing pages tho. Will this “hot” cat ever be expleined?

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