Darius Acrylic Charm #1 (6 Comments)

The first donation incentive in awhile and it’s going to feature Darius.  The current image is the FINAL  image.   This one will be 1.5 inches in size. It will be printed on 1/16″ white acrylic and laser cut. For extra gloss and protection, all of the charms have a layer of lamination on top.

Read ENTIRE post please!!

Please note that I need a certain amount of orders before I can place an order and if it doesn’t reach that number, I can’t order it, so please don’t delay! That amount is actually very low and at the moment, for the 1.5 inch charm I just need 6 donated toward.  (I won’t make anything myself until after that amount is donated for.)  I figured that if I added variations, it might catch more people’s eyes. I will update that number as orders come in.

Now for the scale of donation, since I’m offering options with these.

1.5 inch Charm
Just the charm: $6
Cellphone Strapped Charm: $7
16″ Satin Cord – Will show colors later, but you can put up what color you’d like: $8

Use the chipin on the upper right. If you can’t see the button, log into paypal and send payment to: I don’t know why, but wordpress refuses to let me put a paypal button in the post.

Amounts INCLUDE shipping within the US, Canada and Mexico. Outside the US, please add $1. Be SURE your paypal shipping information IS correct! If you want to send payment via check/cash/money order, please post a note in the comments so I know to expect it and send it to:

Tiffany Ross
P.O. Box 292171
Lewisville, TX 75029