Glass Pendants (3 Comments)

Just a little note here: The store is back. It’s at Nice and easy.

And here’s the things I’ve mentioned several times in the last couple of months, Glass Pendants made from my artwork. I made them myself. They’re sealed and protected and HEAVY and darn nice to look at in person. The photos really don’t do them justice. I need to figure out how to take better photos or get a newer camera (the latter, don’t want to.. my camera’s only two years old.) And here’s a closeup of one of them that I liked!

And a second one to show more of the lovely shine and thickness.

My first run at these is using 7/8 by 7/8 square glass tiles and 7/8 x 1 3/4 rectangle tiles. I searched and found 1 inch and 1 x 2 inch tiles for future ones … as well as special 2 x 2 inch ones and circles! I intend to offer some as special commissions in the future. Badges of a different kind.