Genoworks Saga Chapter 1 09

10 thoughts on “Genoworks Saga Chapter 1 09

  1. Oh … wow. Has Cort received combat training?

    1. Today’s little romp might count as lesson ONE.

      1. I don’t know, he acted too professionally to not have training or experience. Skitter here is an example of what happens when someone without training gets into a fight.

        1. Well, maybe Cort has some predator instinct going on….

  2. O_o Well, that scythetail is probably going to have a limp for a week or two.

    Cort is definitely as dangerous as he is troublesome.

  3. “It was going so nicely, then dinner bit me.”

  4. Want to get your tormentor off you? Torment them. They can rarely take what they dish out.

    1. Yeah, that scythetail is probably going to clear out of there assuming Cort didn’t sever a tendon. Predators are not known for getting into a fight.

  5. Well, if you’re hungry, take a chomp out of what’s attacking you.

    I wonder how scythetail tastes.

    1. If your attacker has never encountered prey that fights back better that his best attack, he’ll run like a scaled dog.
      Taste? Depends on whether or not you catch it or not.
      Catch it, roast it with some herbs and it’ll taste pretty good.

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