Darius Chapter 13 03
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  1. Can you do a spectacled or redheaded flying fox? My sister is batsh*t crazy about them. I think this would be a neat surprise for her.

    • TiffRoss

      Yes, I can. I LOVE drawing flying foxes.

  2. I forgot to put in the information before I hit send on paypal.

    Character is a female Spectacled Flying Fox, name of Shaz.

    I see both speaking parts are taken, so if possible, can you use her as a Minor Character transition to Major Background. If not, go with Major Background, and put the extra $ into the tips jar. :-)

    • I just realized that the paypal account is set up under my “real” name and may not reflect my WP account name.

      Transaction ID85C51442HJ093170W is me, for my sister.

      (brain dead feline apologizes for any and all confusion)

  3. Gonna buy one of the Major Background Character slots later today, when I have a free few minutes.

    • Hariman

      There we go. Got a payment sent for a Major Background Character slot. I just forgot to mention it here. ;p


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