Yay, Fall!

I’m getting better and will soon be adding more updates when I can. For now, I’m concentrating on getting Vincent and Filaire updating regularly on Patreon. You can get access to the entire archive for $3 on https://shivae.space/ by signing up for my Patreon. Currently, I could use the support because inflation has taken its toll, along with having to replace my AC/Heater, washer and dryer, with either the fridge or the stove going next. I already can’t use my oven. 😛 I intend to get a countertop oven as soon as I can. Air fryer is wonderful, btw, great for my diet too.

I’m trying to work up new content and last month Original Campus Safari V1 & V2 PDFs (That’s 398 pages of comics of the original story) became available for pledging $5 on Patreon https://patreon.com/Shivae OR you can grab them off Ko-fi for $4.99 each. https://ko-fi.com/shivae/shop OR Amazon for twice as much… because Amazon takes a massive chunk and to make the same profit, I have to charge more than I want to. I will be looking to have it available on other platforms as well.

This month, going to try to start working up the Cyantian Chronicles books, so hopefully, books 1 & 2 will be up next week. That’s my plan. The Patreon PDFs are available for two months.

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